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The Camp Withycombe Information Repository is now established at the Sunnyside Library. The Final Remedial Investigation Work Plan and Final Site Investigation Work Plan are available for review on the Documents page and at the library.

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Camp Withycombe is a 234-acre Oregon Army National Guard facility located at 10101 SE Clackamas Road, Clackamas, Oregon. Established in 1909, it served as a small arms firing range and as a mobilization point for the Oregon National Guard for federal service in World Wars I and II and other federal operations.

Camp Withycombe is currently being addressed under the Army’s Military Munitions Response Program (MMRP) to investigate and remediate material and debris commonly found on former defense sites, called munitions and explosives of concern (MEC) and munitions constituents (MC) from those past training activities. Although not documented in historical records, the discovery of mortars and other munitions found on the small arms range complex within Camp Withycombe indicate that historic activities included artillery training. Historical records and former personnel interviews also indicate that waste was disposed in pits in the northeastern portion of Camp Withycombe. Other contaminants from potential waste disposal activities will also be addressed through this program.

The activities proposed under the MMRP will assess the possibility that MEC and MC from artillery training and other wastes from disposal activities are present at the former range area and on the adjacent hillside, which backed the target area. The results of the investigations will be used to determine how to clean up any contamination found. Initial field investigations are scheduled to be conducted during the summer 2011, with reports documenting the findings available by 2012.

Several agencies are involved in the ownership and management of the site. More than 75 acres of Camp Withycombe are currently owned by the Oregon Military Department. The Oregon Department of Transportation owns approximately 156 additional acres, although their property is managed by the Oregon Military Department under a lease agreement.

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